Our program is unique in that it not only has the physical aspects of training and fitness, but also encourages the development of other traits such as honesty, loyalty, discipline, teamwork, and ethical behavior. The importance of employee well-being is now generally recognized by the business community as essential to the smooth operation of their companies. Obviously, there is great cost savings in minimizing absenteeism and turnover. Additionally, higher employee morale and loyalty are reflected in overall job performance, better quality workmanship, and products.

Education – Colleges, High Schools, Elementary Schools, etc.:

We have found that students who excel are those who overcome their fear of failure. They develop a highly motivated spirit and exude self-confidence because they see results. They become calmer, level-headed, and less anxious. We teach discipline, self-control, respect, confidence, leadership, and other virtues through Aikido training. We teach body development, coordination, balance, poise, and peace of mind through exercise and basic self-defense techniques. The emphasis is on non-violence, safety, and patience.

Women’s Assertiveness and Self-Protection:

We teach you to eliminate dangers by recognizing and avoiding them. 80% of your basic street savvy involves no physical skill whatsoever! To defend against the attacker, you must know who he is and how he works. You learn the five stages of any attack and how to stop the trouble before it starts. By developing a personalized fighting technique that uses your body’s weapons against his body’s vulnerable areas, you disrupt his attack and learn his most glaring weakness. You learn to take control of your life and cease being a VICTIM!

Police/Law Enforcement/Corrections/Security Training:

The scope of the training enables the officer to increase effectiveness by teaching essential skills needed to diffuse potentially dangerous sitations that could lead to unnecessary injury to the officer or the person in his charge. It allows the officer to have the confidence and proper attitude to carry out his duties in a professional manner.

The training objectives give the officer a basic command of self-defense and restraint procedures and tactics. An emphasis is placed on teaching the levels of force – not to exceed the bounds of reason or the escalation principle. Routine education limits liability and sets the tone for responsible police behavior. Performance of duty is easier if an officer has the skills to control a situation with more objectivity and self-confidence.

Mr. Weber was the Chief Defensive Tactics Instructor for the Pasco/Hernando Law Enforcement Academy in Dade City, Florida. He also taught such academics as Use of Force, Liability, Professionalism, Ethics, Cultural Diversity, and Human Behavior. Mr. Weber taught Advanced and Specialized courses to Law Enforcement and Corrections Officers at the Tampa/Hillsboro County Criminal Justice Academy.

Private Instruction:

There are more and more people who wish to enjoy one-on-one training in a private setting. Special attention is given in a focused, goal-directed class. This training is specifically geared to the individual needs of the student. Times are by appointment only.